Benefits of Indoor Court Sports

Indoor tennis court When cooler weather arrives after the heat of summer, move your workout indoors! At North Haven Health & Racquet, we offer indoor court sports for you and your friends to enjoy. Tennis, racquetball and basketball are offered for casual play or top-level training from our certified instructors. What are the health benefits of these three court sports?


According to the US Tennis Association, serving up aces could reduce your risk of premature death from any cause by 50 percent. Playing three hours of competitive tennis a week will not only prolong your life, but the activity burns more calories than cycling. Tennis is both an aerobic and anaerobic form of exercise; while you burn fat and improve your cardiovascular health, the intense yet short bursts of energy followed by rest are an efficient use of oxygen. As you develop your game, you will become faster, stronger, more coordinated and flexible.


This sport has many of the same health benefits as tennis. Although there is no net and all surfaces are fair game, you are in constant motion until the ball goes out of bounds. In racquetball, these boundaries are often court specific. Racquetball is excellent for heart health, as game play can become quite intense between two competitive players. It is also fun and social, which is great encouragement to be more physically active.


Basketball is a full body workout. As you run back and forth across the full length of the court, you’re guarding other players, jumping and pumping your arms. After one hour of intense play, you burn about 750 calories. Similar to tennis and racquetball, the constant motion helps build your endurance and overall heart health. The strategy of the game also makes player more balanced, coordinated and improves concentration.

Court sports at North Haven Health & Racquet are a slam dunk! To learn more about reserving one of our 12 courts, contact us today.