What Are the Benefits of Circuit Training and HIIT?

blog-circuitSearching for the right full-body workout for you? Consider circuit training if you’re a beginner and high intensity interval training (HIIT) if you’re more advanced.

Circuit training involves high-intensity aerobic moves to improve overall body conditioning. Typically, you move across various exercise stations and complete different workouts at each for a couple of minutes.

HIIT is a variation of circuit training with quick bursts of intense moves to get your heart rate accelerated. You give everything you’ve got in a 60-second or less burst, rest briefly and repeat. While HIIT is more advanced and can be a challenge for some, the benefits of circuit and interval training can be seen as one in the same.

Work Your Entire Body

One of the greatest benefits of these workouts is that they target areas all over the body.

  • Arms: Definitely, whether you’re using dumbbells to curl, kickback or press, or your own body weight for push-ups or planking.
  • Back: The row machine is a great piece of equipment to target the back. The plank position and pull-ups also work the region.
  • Core: When you keep your core engaged throughout a workout, any machine or move will strengthen those muscles.
  • Glutes: If you’re rotating stations, find the lunges station. If you’re using a machine, try the horizontal hamstring curl.
  • Legs: Intervals of lunges and squats will make your legs burn, as well as a machine like the leg press.

Maintain Your Peak

If you’re a runner or a swimmer, some days you may feel like you’re performing below your standard. Circuit and interval training don’t allow you to fall below your peak because you’re always pushing yourself as hard as you can – even if it’s only for 30 seconds at a time.

Lose Weight

Working out your entire body puts you in a better position to burn body fat and ultimately drop pounds. Cardio combined with muscle toning exercises and a proper diet are the recipe to successful weight loss, whether you want to lose five pounds or 25.

Improve Overall Health

Doctors have confirmed that circuit and interval training are good workouts for people with conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. However, check with your own primary care physician to be sure it is a safe option for you.

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