Best Diet Plans to Match Your Workout

blog-Healthy-cheerful-girlWhen people work out regularly, but do not see the results they want, the underlying reason can usually be traced back to diet. It is important to remember that when we begin a fitness journey, it needs to be an all-encompassing lifestyle if you really want to see results. Whether you are a new member at North Haven Health & Racquet or you have been coming to our facility for years, we offer several group fitness classes that are fun, great to do with a friend and can produce real results. If you’re interested in participating in any of our group fitness classes, here are some healthy eating guidelines to follow.


If you are mentally and spiritually committed to making yoga a part of your fitness routine, it is recommended that you adopt a vegetarian diet. The typical yogi diet consists of naturally sweet fruits, vegetables, whole grains, plant-based oils and tofu. If you cannot imagine your life without meat, you can adopt a raw diet and eat uncooked, unprocessed fish and meat in addition to fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Another option to consider for carnivores is a whole foods diet. This plan can exclude meat, but it is perfectly acceptable to just minimize your intake. Many yogis are vegetarians because it adds to the health benefits of their workout and the philosophy of yoga promotes non-violence. Whether or not you decide to adapt to yogi mentality, make sure to keep your diet light and lean to see real results.


This workout is meant to stabilize and strengthen your core. It requires a lot of control to get in position and hold each move as a beginner, but the benefits are better balance, flexibility and power. It can help improve posture and alleviate lower back pain while sculpting your muscles. By strengthening the muscles in your core, legs, glutes and back, you can avoid knee and back injuries down the road. If interested in starting Pilates classes, you need to lighten your diet. Many people load up on carbs before exercise to give them energy, but Pilates has a lot of core moves that a full stomach might not agree with. Complex carbohydrates and lean protein are best to eat pre-workout, in small portions. After the workout, you can have a more substantial meal like lean meat atop a quinoa salad with a protein shake for maximized muscle recovery.


Kickboxing is an intense workout that is fun and useful for self-protection. It combines strengthening, muscle toning and cardio all in one so it is a great choice for people who have limited time to work out at the gym. Even someone at the lowest level of physical fitness can reap the benefits of this high power workout. If you want to begin kickboxing to lose weight, your diet plan should be a balance of protein, fats and complex carbohydrates. As an anaerobic activity, kickboxing requires you to fuel your body with plenty of protein before and after your workout. Whatever you put into your body should be for the purpose of increasing muscle power. Protein should almost always come from natural sources, such as fish, grass-fed meats, eggs and nuts. While you do not need a large intake of carbohydrates, you can still eat them as long as they are complex rather than refined.


At North Haven Health & Racquet, our spin class instructors will challenge you to cycle through hills, sprints, jumps, intervals and more. As long as you do not have a knee injury, this is the perfect workout for anyone from beginner to advanced athlete. While burning calories, toning your legs and working your abs, you will almost forget that you are inside on a stationary bike. This workout is low impact, but very effective so to get the most out of it, you should adjust your diet. It is recommended that you eat at least one hour before your workout to avoid being too full. The best diet for spinners stresses raw fruits and vegetables over dairy and carbohydrates. A banana with almond butter will provide the fat needed to keep you energized, while beans are a great source of protein for muscle recovery post-workout.

If you are committed to living a healthier lifestyle and staying fit, try one of our group fitness classes. Not only will you have fun, but you will get the required amount of exercise for overall health. Once you find a workout routine that you’re really serious about, be sure to adhere to the appropriate eating guidelines to see the best results. Stop by our facility today to get started!