4 Tips for Making Better New Year’s Exercise Habits

blog-goalsAt the start of each New Year, many decide they’ll lose weight and stay in better shape. So, they take out gym memberships or plan to go for a daily run around the neighborhood, but by the spring, all the hopes of having a toned beach bod end up dissolved.

It’s easy to get discouraged when you feel as if there’s no time or you sense your efforts aren’t producing the desired results. However, keeping a New Year’s resolution comes down to forming a habit – and not getting distracted as you develop a new routine. What can you do?

Plan in Advance

When you start up a gym membership, don’t just think you’ll stop by the facility on occasion. Instead, make a schedule in advance, which could include booking classes and a personal trainer.

Too, be ready in advance with the supplies you need for a satisfying workout: Specifically, the right gym clothing and sufficient nutrition.

Take It Slow

What destroys a habit? Thinking you can suddenly change everything at once.

This general rule applies to exercise, too. Begin with a light and comfortable activity, and then work yourself up. It’s said that it takes 66 days to form a new habit, so make sure to begin at your own level and pace.

Don’t Just Focus on Weight Loss

What kills an exercise plan – and causes about 40 percent of new gym-goers to cancel their memberships in six months – is a sole focus on weight. Even if you start hard and intense, the pounds won’t peel off; it’s recommended that you lose no more than a pound or two per week for successful, long-term weight management.

Instead, think about the big picture: Gaining strength and muscle, getting toned, and doing things faster.

Make Exercise Part of Your Daily Routine

Don’t just think of fitness as a jaunt to the gym. Instead, add it to your daily routine: Walk, instead of drive, to meet friends, see if you can bike to work, and consider taking up a team sport.

As you consider changing your habits, start a membership with North Haven Health & Racquet. Stop by our facility, or contact us today for more information.