Exercising Post-Baby

Many fitness-focused moms are eager to get back into their pre-baby workout routines as soon as possible, but is it safe? While it is admirable of such health-conscious women to be eager to get in shape again, there are many considerations to make first. We answer the basic questions so you know how to proceed after giving birth.

What Are the Precautions?

blog-newmomAlthough it depends on the method and circumstances of your baby’s birth, doctors recommend that you do not return to working out for at least six weeks’ post-partum. Truth be told, you’ll likely be too busy and too tired to jump back in any earlier! During pregnancy, your ligaments and joints become looser, in addition to the typical weight gain. While six weeks gives your body time to recover and regain strength, it also allows you to spend plenty of time bonding with your new baby.

How Do I Start?

Start small – no half marathons or Tough Mudders in the near future! Ease yourself back into a fitness routine by taking a brisk walk or swimming. These workouts might be low impact, but they are also cardiovascular and will get your blood pumping again. As you start to regain muscle strength, you can upgrade to jogging or pushing your baby’s stroller while walking. Another easy, at-home exercise for new moms is the push-up; it works your whole body, but especially your upper body for holding your baby as he or she grows!

What About Healthy Eating?

If you just can’t find the time to start working out regularly again as a new mom, focus on proper nutrition in the meantime. When you’re not feeding your baby or sleeping, use that time to prepare meals and freeze them! Rather than falling into the trap of ordering a pizza because you couldn’t find time to cook, make enough of each meal to freeze so you always have something on hand. Crockpot recipes with fresh vegetables are a hassle-free way to cook large quantities of nutritious food.

When you’re ready to fully immerse yourself back into a regular fitness routine, contact North Haven Health and Racquet for more information about our facility.