Finding Time to Exercise on Vacation

blog-beachIs vacation really a good excuse to abandon your health and fitness regimen? Trips typically involve fun with family and friends, time off from work or school and relaxation – not exercise. When we go on vacation, we tend to indulge in foods that are not usually on our weekly menus and lounge around by the hotel pool. Instead of giving in to the temptation of vacation being a week-long cheat day with no physical activity, why not bring your diet and exercise plan on vacation with you?

Believe it or not, overeating is not the most difficult thing for people to control on vacation. If you are used to following a healthy diet or are at least conscious of what you consume, it’s relatively easy to avoid overindulgence. It’s the lack of motivation to exercise while on vacation that many people struggle with. Here are a few ideas of how to incorporate fitness into your trip:

Be Active. There are plenty of easy ways to avoid laziness while on vacation, especially among a big group. If you are on vacation with your kids, the activities they want to do can become cardio exercises for you. For example, if the kids want to play by the ocean, take a walk on the beach. Walking or running across sand requires more effort than pavement because the surface is resistant with each step. It is also a very relaxing experience that you could lose track of time while doing. Or, if you spend a day familiarizing yourself with your vacation destination, rent bicycles to ride around instead of driving. These easy changes can be made for almost any activity and they are often more fun!

Make Sacrifices

Let’s say you’re on vacation in Disney for the fifth time since your kids were born. If you would much rather skip Magic Kingdom than spend a whole day standing in line, don’t feel bad staying behind! Sacrificing a little time with your family for personal time won’t take away from the experience you have in the end. While your husband or wife takes the kids to Magic Kingdom, you can hit up the hotel gym – and maybe treat yourself at the spa after. Similarly, if your girlfriends want to go shopping and you’re trying to save money, let them enjoy their trip while you go for a run around the resort. You will still get to see the sights without having to spend a dime on souvenirs!

Have Willpower

If you take the time to incorporate fitness into your vacation, it should be easy to give up a few indulgences here and there as well. Fill up on your dinner one night so there’s no room left for dessert or opt to share a treat as a group. With the second option, you can teach your kids or help influence your friends that sweets do not always have to be overdone.

While vacation is a luxury for most, you can still maintain a healthy lifestyle and have fun at the same time. After all, it is more about who you spend time with and the memories you make than the food that you eat (and regret once you return home). North Haven Health & Racquet will be waiting for you when you return!