Getting Toned for Spring

You might be dedicated to going to the gym six days a week, but are you getting the most out of your workout? You may be fit, but are you toned? For those of us who do not consistently go to the gym, how can we tone our bodies to be prepared for spring?

blog-tonedWarmer weather calls for t-shirts, shorts and dresses. Are you ready to put your arms and legs on display after the long winter? For those who regularly work out, the answer is probably yes. But the rest of us could probably benefit from some tips for toning up fast.


Cardio workouts are fun and a great way to shed excess fat. It is recommended by the American Heart Association that we do at least 30 minutes of moderate aerobic activity five days a week or 25 minutes of intense aerobic activity three days a week for overall cardiovascular health. Not only is cardio good for our hearts, but it is necessary for revealing toned muscle. An overweight individual could have a ton of muscle underneath his or her body fat, but it is not visible. Cardio workouts that integrate high bursts of intensity with low power moves are the best for removing layers of fat fast. This can be achieved using any cardio machine at the gym, but it is even more enjoyable to take a class. North Haven Health & Racquet has a diverse offering of fitness classes that vary in intensity, including kickboxing, boot camp, step aerobics and spinning. Any one of these classes will challenge you to the next level. Combined with weight training, say goodbye to fat and hello to toned muscles.


Weight training is incredibly important in the toning process, but relatively ineffective for toning without cardio. Alternate your fitness class days with a lifting routine that works your entire body. When looking to tone your muscles, it is important to choose the right dumbbell weight. Contrary to what many think, more reps with less weight will not help if you want your muscles to be visible. Lift moderate to heavy dumbbells with a short rest between reps to burn more fat. If you can only lift 20 pounds for 10 reps before needing a rest, that is more effective for burning fat than lifting 8 pounds for 30 reps. As you’re lifting, incorporate your lower body as well. You will burn even more calories by alternating lunges with your bicep curls and shoulder presses.


The equation for a toned body is cardio workouts plus proper nutrition. Changing your diet could be the missing link if you’re struggling to see results. Eliminating fat and toning your muscles will require you to reduce your food intake. An easy way to do this without counting calories is to remove processed junk food from your diet. Increase the servings of fruits and vegetables that you eat with each meal, since these foods tend to keep you more full.

If you’re looking to get toned fast, come to North Haven Health & Racquet for your cardio and weight training needs. We offer fitness classes, unlimited access to equipment and personal training. Be confident when spring and summer roll around!