Six Motivational Tips to Keep Going to the Gym

blog-coldWe’ve all been there; it’s the new year and you make a resolution to be healthier. You get as far as adopting a cleaner diet and buying a gym membership, but you find yourself extremely busy after the holiday season. Before you know it, it’s March and you can count on one hand the number of times you’ve gone to the gym.

Many of us struggle to get a free moment during the day, let alone a solid hour to go to the gym and work out. However, your health is of the utmost importance and exercise should not be neglected. As temperatures rise and you’re making seasonal plans with your friends, how can you motivate yourself to go to the gym on a regular basis? We have six tips to help you find the inspiration.

Realize What You’re Wasting

On average, a gym membership can cost you $50 a month. If you go five days a week, that might not seem like a lot for the equipment you have access to. If you go once a month, that’s one expensive hour-long workout. Many people are intimidated to end their gym membership, so you could be stuck spending upwards of $600 a year for almost nothing at all. Once you calculate the monetary commitment you are making to the gym, you will likely be inspired to go more often.

Create a Schedule

If you do not make plans well in advance, you’re more likely to back out. Drafting a schedule on a weekly or monthly basis of the days you can go to the gym will increase the likelihood of you sticking to the plan. It is completely understandable not to be able to go to the gym every day of the week with work commitments and children to take care of, but you realistically can find some time. If you’re really devoted to maintaining your health, you’ll sacrifice a night or a weekend afternoon to hit the gym.

Be Prepared

As many of us struggle to simply get ourselves out of bed in the morning, it is even more unlikely that we will want to head off to the gym. Especially during daylight saving time when it’s cold and dark early, it is a natural reaction to hit the snooze button and forget about the gym. However, in the morning before work may be the only time you have in the day to exercise. To motivate yourself to get up and go when your alarm sounds, lay out your gym clothes by your bed the night before. Seeing your gear all ready to go will remind you of the promise you made to yourself (and your wallet)! Some people find that looking good and feeling comfortable whilst exercising can give put them in a good mood before heading to the gym. Even laying out a t-shirt with strong like a bull written on the front could be the motivation you may need in order to get you that much-needed motivation to get up and go to the gym, especially as this could be one of the first things you see in the morning. It’s all about having a good mindset and feeling comfortable. For women, this is why it may be in your best interest to have a look at investing in a sports bra to give you all the confidence you need to accomplish your goals, as well as feeling comfortable while at the gym.

Bring Your Friends

If motivating yourself with the above tips is proving to be an impossible feat, get a friend or two involved. Just like you wouldn’t cancel plans to go out with friends at the last minute, you will feel guilty hindering their success by canceling on your gym plans. North Haven Health & Racquet offers fun group fitness classes, like kickboxing, Zumba and spinning with certified instructors who have been working at the facility for five years. Not only will you have a good time with your friends, but you will experience the fitness level of celebrity trainers; classes include workouts modeled after Paul Katami and Shaun T’s programs. Don’t have a babysitter for the kids? North Haven Health and Racquet also offers a babysitting service to all members, which eliminates another common obstacle of getting to the gym!

Try Something New

Once into a routine of going to the gym, many people tend to fall into a rut of using the same machines or taking the same fitness classes. By challenging yourself to try something new each week, you will never get bored. At North Haven Health and Racquet, gym members have access to sports courts, countless cardio and weight lifting machines, an array of fitness classes and more, so you’ll never get bored of your workout.

Reward Yourself

Finally, it is completely acceptable to reward yourself for going to the gym. While it would be counterproductive to make your award something unhealthy, your incentive could be getting a pedicure or buying a new outfit each month. If you need to start out with smaller goals until you get on a regular gym schedule, allow yourself to have a smoothie after each workout. Rather than counting down the minutes left in your workout, focus on what the end means in the short term, your reward, and the long term, the overall improvement of your health.

Give Us a Try

At North Haven Health & Racquet, we support your fitness goals. Whether you want to work out alone, with a group or a personal trainer, we can help you every step of the way. Join our facility today and get two months’ access to our amenities for free. * Contact our Connecticut location today for more information.