Waking Up Early to Exercise

It’s one of the oldest excuses in the book: “I’m too busy to exercise.” While we are all stressed out with work, family and our personal lives, there is always time in the day that is used unproductively. Why not use that time to get a workout in?

The easiest time to fit in physical activity? In the morning. Yet, how can you find the motivation to wake up early in the morning to work out?Old-fashioned red alarm clock

Consider The Benefits

Yes, it is a dreaded time for many, but there are several perks to a morning workout:

  • One, you have more energy in the morning after a night of sleep than in the evening after eight hours of work
  • Two, you will kick start your metabolism for the rest of the day
  • Three, you’ll be less likely to skip in the morning than you would after a long day

Start Slow

No one is asking you to run a half marathon every morning, but even 30 minutes of exercise is better for the heart than none. Ease into the routine by waking up an hour earlier and starting with short workouts. As you become more of a morning person, you can increase the length and intensity of your exercise routine.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Those who don’t consider themselves “morning people” likely do not get enough sleep at night. Or, they are unable to switch off their minds. An easy fix is to shut down all technological devices an hour before bed to avoid over-stimulation. When you have a relaxed mind in a calm environment, you will likely fall asleep faster. You can also try experimenting with different amounts of sleep. It is possible that you function better on six hours rather than the standard eight.

When you work out in the morning, you feel more productive during the day. To get started, explore your membership options with North Haven Health & Racquet today.