Why Should You Exercise in the Fall?

blog-autumnPumpkins, colorful leaves, crisp air – all telltale signs that fall has arrived. With the new season comes many changes. The end of summer means back-to-school, back to work and before we know it, holidays. Unfortunately for many people, saying goodbye to summer also means saying goodbye to their beach bodies. It is a natural reaction to lose your workout motivation and want to eat more food as your body prepares for winter, but we have five reasons why exercising should be another sign of the season.

1. The Chance to Switch Up Your Routine
There’s no sense waiting until the new year to make a resolution to change when there is no time like the present. Rather than getting stuck in the same routine without seeing any results, find something new to try. Better yet, get your friends involved! If you all sign up for a group fitness class together, you’ll be less likely to bail when your friends are counting on you.

2. Temperatures Are More Tolerable
If you had to forgo running this summer due to extremely hot temperatures, the cooler autumn air will be much more forgiving. You will also have some beautiful fall foliage to admire. However, be careful when exercising in colder weather. Dress appropriately for the conditions and stay hydrated. You may not break a sweat as easily in cooler temperatures, but you should still drink plenty of water when doing any kind of physical activity.

3. Your Schedule Opens Up
When summer vacation ends, the kids go back to school and you’re already missing backyard BBQs, you have much more free time. Work may become the priority during the day, but you can always make time before or after for a workout. Take advantage of the time your kids spend at soccer practice by doing some form of physical activity.

4. Fall TV Is Back
For entertainment lovers, fall is the best season. New television shows premiere and our favorite series return. If you’re going to be binge watching TV for hours, why not be productive at the same time? Make a date with your remote and the treadmill. The Kardashians will be trying to keep up with you!

5. The Holidays Are Coming
Although fall has just arrived, it will be Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve before we know it. As Jon Snow would say, “winter is coming,” which means plenty of holiday eating. Rather than feel guilty about your indulgences again this year, feel that you’ve earned them by continuing to work out.

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