How to Get the Most Out of Your Workout

blog-Healthy-cheerful-girlEveryone who’s been a regular gym-goer has this experience: Your workouts start out on a high note, but a few months down the line, they begin to seem like a routine. In turn, you feel bored and annoyed every time you go, and your workout produces less-optimal results.

So, what can you do to, frankly, keep your workout more interesting and worthwhile?

Focus on Nutrition

Many ignore this aspect, thinking that if they eat three meals and watch their calories they’re doing a decent job.

However, poor nutrition starves your muscles; as a result, you end up crashing midway through your workout. Long term, this aspect limits muscle gains and negatively impacts your health, as your body’s nutrients aren’t getting replenished.

So, what should you add to your diet?

  • Complex carbohydrates – These get your blood sugar levels back up.
  • Protein – Specifically, whey or casein.
  • Amino acids.

Make sure you eat something within an hour before starting your workout. Then, follow your workout with another smaller meal 30 minutes after.


You perform better when your body has enough water. It’s recommended you consume at least 20 ounces before you exercise – slowly and not immediately before.

What can this do? You’ll feel more comfortable, be less dizzy, and are less likely to experience cramping.

Consider a Supplement

Pre-workout supplements have their benefits. Rather than just pick any off the shelf, look for a blend combining amino acids and caffeine. Together, these increase the body’s blood flow.

Make a Plan

Want to break from routine? Make a plan beforehand. You’ll be mentally prepared and organized. Long term, too, your workout won’t just be going through the motions.

An effective workout starts with aerobics. You want to feel a bit of perspiration, so consider the stationary bike or treadmill.

After, incorporate some dynamic exercises to get multiple muscle groups moving.

For a place to vary your workout, try the fitness center at North Haven Health and Racquet. Stop by to try it out, and sign up for a membership.