New Year, New Equipment!

Woman using a treadmill North Haven Health & Racquet recently committed to a significant improvement of our facility! The fitness center will be new and improved in the New Year, with updated equipment and more classes available. As we continue to develop our new Fitness On Demand club amenity, here’s what our members can look forward to.

FreeMotion Equipment

FreeMotion Fitness was founded in 1999, based on the idea that exercise should be multidimensional. When you use a piece of FreeMotion equipment, you’re getting a whole-body workout as opposed to focusing on one muscle group at a time. Benefits of a full body workout include increased strength and fat burned in a shorter period of time.

FreeMotion EPIC

These machines can work chest, shoulder and legs in one convenient piece of equipment!

FreeMotion Incline Trainers

These specialized have HIIT capabilities to work your whole body and help you lose weight.

Intek Strength Free Weights

Weight training is an important part of decreasing body fat while increasing muscle mass. Strong muscles also lower your chances of injury due to weak tendons or connective tissue. North Haven Health & Racquet will be introducing new dumbbells, Olympic plates and fixed barbells from Intek Strength, a leading manufacturer of weight training products.

In 2017, we’re giving you all the more reason to commit to your New Year’s Resolution to get in shape! You don’t want to miss out on these facility improvements. Explore our membership options today.