14 Must-Know Rules of Gym Etiquette

Everyone’s new to a gym at some point. And, in dealing with any new situation, you’ve got to learn the rules.

blog-focusedYet, even those who’ve made fitness a major part of their lifestyle still haven’t gotten the hint yet. So, we’ve spelled out the most important parts of basic gym etiquette:

  1. Always respect the headphone wearer. This is a sign that he or she is looking to focus and not be bothered for the time being. If you’re the headphone wearer, however, be courteous to your fellow gym-goers by not singing the lyrics to whatever music you’re listening to.
  2. Spray and wipe down the machines and equipment once you’re done using it. Not doing so has potential to spread germs and skin diseases. Plus, puddles of sweat all over the treadmill and free weights are gross.
  3. Share. At a gym, this means paying attention to time limits, and allowing others to take a turn.
  4. On this same note, don’t block access to equipment – for instance, standing and lifting in front of the free weights.
  5. If you’re looking for a spotter, it’s okay to ask. However, make sure the other person’s physically strong enough to help out and isn’t busy with another task.
  6. Don’t leave your towels and other gear on the equipment to save a spot, especially when the gym’s busy.
  7. If you plan to take a studio class, arrive about five minutes early to find a spot.
  8. In classes, give other participants enough space. You shouldn’t be touching anyone else as you stretch or do the exercises.
  9. Never ogle or stare at other gym-goers, in classes, or while using the equipment.
  10. Make sure that, before going to use the equipment, you’ve taken a shower and used deodorant.
  11. Dress appropriately – in comfortable clothing that adequately covers your body.
  12. When using the locker room, never spread all of your belongings across the bench.
  13. Always be courteous to the staff and other gym-goers.
  14. As you’re using the equipment, never talk or text on your cell phone. As with singing, it’s noisy and inconsiderate of others, and shows you’re not making the most out of your workout.

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