6 of the Top Fitness Trends for 2015

Every year, gym-goers wonder what the next biggest fitness trend will be. Will it burn more calories in less time, tone the body with less effort, or, frankly, seem less repetitive?

You’ll have to determine that for yourself. But now, with 2015 more than halfway over, it appears the following have defined fitness for this year.


What is it?: While inspired by ballet, this isn’t your childhood dance class of leotards and relevés. Rather, barre brings together the intense aspects of ballet, Pilates, and yoga. The result is a workout that strengthens groups of muscles, all while improving tone and flexibility.

Treadmill Studios

What is it?: Spinning class meets your run-of-the-mill treadmill workout. And, with this combination comes an instructor telling you how to make this standard piece of gym equipment far more fun. Once you take it, you’ll finally avoid all those slow-walking, magazine-reading afternoons.

Group Training

What is it?: For reaching your fitness goals, working with a personal trainer is one of the most effective approaches. Yet, for some, the cost of multiple sessions becomes prohibitive. So, as a compromise, group personal training sessions let you and a few friends discover the best ways to tone up and burn calories.

Shorter Workouts

How many times, especially after a couple months into the New Year, you hear a friend or coworker say, “But I can’t go to the gym. I just don’t have time with all these things to do!” So, in those situations, exercise ends up cut out of the picture entirely.

Another “compromise” type of program is shorter workouts, lasting 10 to 30 minutes, instead of a full-hour session, for intense programs like P90X, CrossFit, and HIIT.

The less time doesn’t decrease the impact, however, and these programs work to keep the heart rate up. Shorter HIIT, for instance, allows for five to 10 minutes of intense training, with a few minutes of recovery time in between.

Fitness Trackers

What is it?: You’ve seen these, on smart phones and on wrists. Whether you prefer a FitBit or an app, the goal is simple: track how many steps you move per day, your heart rate, and calorie burning, and to adjust your physical activity from there.

Older Workouts Making a Comeback

Step class might seem so ‘80s, but it’s making a return to gyms, along with core-defining programs and classes with less equipment. While the trend implies a return to a simpler time, experts say it further reflects a desire to do more with less.

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