Six Tips for Selecting a Gym

The right gym makes or breaks your fitness plan. Select the wrong one, and going in to exercise for an hour a few times per week turns into a chore. After a while, you end up not going at all, ultimately wasting your membership.

What can you do to ensure the gym you select meets your needs?

1. Consider location

Ideally, where you work out should be close to where you live or work. After all, you’ll either make the drive in the morning, or right after the work day has wrapped up. As a good metric, select a place that’s no more than 30 minutes, one way, away from either location. The longer you have to drive, the less likely you’ll be to stop by.

2. Look at hours

Do you prefer to work out in the morning, or the evening? A gym needs to align with your schedule, so check out the weekday and weekend hours first before making a commitment.

3. What your membership gives you

Everyone loves perks, and with a gym, a membership can just apply to using the facility or taking classes and personal training sessions. Also, depending upon how you prefer to pay, look at the plan: Is it all a single sum, or will you be paying monthly? Further look into cancellation policies.

4. Equipment and classes

Why go to a gym when it doesn’t fit your fitness goals? When you have a plan, the gym should match what you’re looking to do. Before purchasing a membership, go for a test run – try out the equipment and check the classes.

5. Get a feel for the members

Even if a gym has the right hours and equipment, feeling intimidated by other gym goers is never a good sign. Do you feel as if you can ask the staff questions, and they respond in a helpful manner? Is the workout area always crowded, or have people who monopolize the equipment? See if you can observe these factors in advance.

6. What about the staff?

Along with being helpful, how is the gym’s staff? Find out if those teaching the classes and conducting personal training sessions are certified.

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