What Makes a Good Spinning Class?

Spinning class is all the rage. But while many sing its praises, other feel the class doesn’t challenge enough – or is too strenuous.

So, to know whether you’re getting a good workout, see if the class fits these points:

The Instructor’s Aware of the Surroundings

blog-spinningThis seems obvious, but at many gyms, the instructor simply takes the class from point A to B. Rather, for a quality class, the instructor strives to create a comfortable setting:

  • Temperature controlled
  • The students’ needs are considered, including riding at your own pace.
  • Varied music that’s not too loud
  • A clean area with working equipment

You Feel Motivated

Spinning’s format makes it easy to feel bored. After all, you’re pedaling on a stationary bike for an hour.

Instead, the instruction and the vibe should make you feel interested in coming to class and energized all the way through. This facet often manifests through a combination of fun exercises, exciting music, and “What will we do this week?” wonderment.


No exercise routine should ever go through the motions, and your spinning class isn’t an exception. Instead, the instructor knows when to change it up and when to stick with familiar territory.

Because of the stationary bike’s limitations, this notion comes through races, hill climbs, and a lack of just pedaling to the music.

No Injuries

In making a class seem more intense, an instructor may incorporate additional exercises to keep the class more challenging. However, some routines are more injury-prone than others. Be alert to the following:

  • Weightlifting as you use a stationary bike.
  • Very fast pedaling (over 120 RPM)
  • Aerobics that tire you out.
  • Excessive upper-body movement that places stress on your hip and knee joints.

As well, it’s not just the exercises. In a quality class, the instructor makes sure everyone’s bike is set up correctly.

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