First Time With a Personal Trainer?

blog-trainerThe decision to work with a personal trainer is a big commitment. Whether you hire a professional to keep you motivated to exercise or for serious weight loss, it requires effort to put your trust in another person. Luckily, the personal trainers at North Haven Health & Racquet take the future of your health very seriously.

Our nationally-certified trainers will teach you to:

  • Exercise properly
  • Reduce your risk of injury
  • Make your goals a reality

It’s normal to be nervous before your first session. So, what should you do beforehand to make your experience a success?

Don’t Be Intimidated

Your personal trainer will be just as devoted as you are to reaching your fitness goals. Fitness experts have worked with people of all shapes, sizes and abilities. Look to your personal trainer as a resource, rather than adversary to be intimidated by. It’s okay not to be the strongest person in the gym – the hope is that you can one day reach that level.

Be in the Right Mindset

It’s important to realize that your first session isn’t supposed to be easy. However, you shouldn’t let the level of difficulty discourage you. Work with your personal trainer to establish short and long term goals and strategies for reaching those goals. No matter what, always arrive at the gym determined to work!

Find the Right Trainer for You

Not all personal trainers are the same. There are different levels of certification and numerous fitness specializations to focus in. It is perfectly acceptable to speak with several trainers about their areas of expertise to find the best fitness plan for you. If a trainer has a kickboxing background and you’re looking to become more flexible, find someone with Pilates experience instead.

Be Honest

It only hurts your progress to be dishonest with your personal trainer about your habits. Even if you’re ashamed, you won’t see the results you want. Rather than saying you eat a certain way when it’s actually the opposite, be truthful and try to find a solution together. Your personal trainer will never judge you; he or she will be grateful for your honesty!

Personal training sessions at North Haven Health & Racquet are available in half-hour or one hour increments, individually or in a group setting. When you sign up for a new membership with us, you’ll receive a session for free!