Why Should I Work with a Personal Trainer?

personal trainingIf you’re new to fitness, you may think that only celebrities have personal trainers. Even seasoned athletes can be intimidated to work with a trainer at the gym, but there are many benefits of having a professional help you reach your fitness goals. We highlight five reasons to consider hiring a personal trainer.


Many of us have been there; it was a long day at work and you don’t have the energy to hit the gym on your way home, so you skip it. When you hire a personal trainer, it becomes your responsibility to go to the gym. Bailing on yourself is different than calling out of a session! Think of your personal trainer as a boss; if you call in sick, you’re letting both parties down.

Focused Attention

Don’t get us wrong; group exercise classes at North Haven Health & Racquet are a blast! Yet, the instructor is not always able to give individualized attention to each participant. When you work with a personal trainer, a workout plan is specifically designed for you and someone is always there to focus on your needs, so you never get lost in the shuffle.


When we walk into a gym, many of us are overwhelmed by the options and don’t know where to start – this can perpetuate a routine that becomes a roadblock to results. A personal trainer can keep workouts fresh, challenging different muscle groups each day and pushing you to your limit. Plus, a knowledgeable professional can help you prevent injury.

Learn Something New

Whether you’re new to North Haven Health & Racquet or not, a personal trainer can help familiarize you with the different machines, the best moves to use them effectively and the proper form to prevent injury. If you crave variety in your workouts, our personal training team has the knowledge base to show you new exercises every session!


Having a workout buddy is great, but you can’t always find the perfect person who has the same fitness goals as you. A personal trainer provides a different type of motivation that you can’t get from a friend or partner. He or she will push you to work harder and keep you safe during a workout with proper spotting techniques, but is also available to listen!

Are you tired of not seeing results from your workouts and want a challenge? Start working with a personal trainer at North Haven Health & Racquet! Receive a free one-hour session when you become a member.