Diet Secrets from the Doctor

When we’re trying to lose weight, we often fail to look to the people who know the most about our bodies: doctors. However, when we only have a 20-minute appointment with our doctor, it becomes challenging to have an in-depth discussion. Chances are, you leave the doctor’s office feeling in the dark about how to live a truly healthy lifestyle. Inspired by a Men’s Journal article on what doctors wish you knew about losing weight, we offer you a few weight loss tips straight from the medical professionals.

Diet and Exercise

If given the chance to ask your doctor about weight loss, you would likely ask, “what’s the best diet and exercise plan?” Unfortunately, the answer is that there isn’t one. There is yet to be a foolproof way to lose weight that works for everyone. Yet, what are some general guidelines to follow?


While the rule of thumb is that you should eat less than the amount of calories you’re burning, successful dieting is actually much more complicated than that. You should focus on eating the right foods, rather than cutting your calorie intake in half. Think protein, vegetables and fiber. Follow a plan that you can stick to – if you love bread, don’t force yourself to cut out carbs. A diet that fits your lifestyle is more likely to have a positive impact on your weight loss efforts than one that deprives you of foods you enjoy.


To lose one pound, you need to burn approximately 3,500 calories. It is recommended that women consume about 2,000 calories a day, while men should eat about 2,400. This seems like a significant difference, but keep in mind that it will take you longer than one day to start seeing weight loss results. Find a routine that you enjoy; no matter what it is, exercise improves our mood. As long as you feel motivated to continue working out, everything else will come easier – including your diet.

Watch Weight Loss Shows

As cliché as it sounds, shows like The Biggest Loser can be encouraging to someone who is tired of being overweight. Although certain depictions can be unrealistic – no one has the time or energy to work out for 8 hours each day – it can be motivational to see someone similar to yourself taking control of their health. However, you should celebrate your small victories. Contestants are often disappointed with a two-pound weight loss in one week, but when the road to your goal is long, every pound counts.

Get Others Involved

Have you ever thought about the underlying reasons why your weight loss attempts may have been unsuccessful in the past? When your spouse and friends like to indulge, are physically inactive or overweight, that has a negative impact on your efforts. Encouraging your loved ones to join you will not only keep you on track, but also promote a healthy lifestyle for those around you.

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